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Bulk lego, VW Volkswagen Ravenna Green color, Westfalia Westy – $80 (marpole)

Selling a bin of about 100 pieces of Ravenna Green colored bulk lego pieces. *Extremely* rare — would make a great gift for the Volkswagen microbus or vanagon westy westfalia owner with kids so that their kids can grow up with appropriate social values, knowing the sweet splendour of a life lived with a flower in their hair, sweet waves of patchouli drifting into their nostrils, dreams of the open road in their mind, and a distrust of squares and republicans.

Buy it now–don’t miss out!!! Includes storage containers made from hollow coconut husks.

Will include fashionable tie-dyed one-piece driving jumpsuit, and a beaded car seat cover for an additional $10.

Leave phone num. in your email so we can reverse-lookup yoru number to make sure you don’t work for the man.


Vanagon Westfalia beer tap for radical times – $140 (gnarlytown)

Do you like your Vanagon? Do you love beer? Are you a fun-beast who loves to party on the road?

Selling my Vanagon beer tap setup–can install inside or outside your van, and I can help set it up.

Goin camping with friends? Planning a cross country road trip? Get a cold keg of beer dawgs in the back, and make your trip a lot more memorabel. Comes with leopard fun-fur keg cozy, ice bucket, tap equipment, a little keg and a heavy serving of pure effin awesom. Brewskis! On the road! YEAH!

You can also use it for cider, if you’re a bit of a wuss.

Will work with pre-1986 vans–later vans have smallr rear cabinet hole. We had it in a totally sweet ’85 weekender. What will *you* put it into, boss?

Pics are not from my setup, but a very similar one.

Include phone number in your message–replies without number will be ignored.

tie dye onesie

Attn Westfalia Owners! Sz L Unisex Tie-Dye Driving Suit – $25 (Vancouver)

I know this seems like it should be posted in Clothing & Accessories, but let’s be honest – this is an critical auto part for a Vanagon or VW bus owner (or any hippie wagon)… 100% cotton full size adult tie dye onesie with butt flap! My mom sent me this for my birthday but it doesn’t fit (whimper!) so I want to pass along this amazing glory to you. Be the talk of the campground everywhere you go this summer!

These start at around $50 retail on etsy, so a total score for $25. My loss, your gain. Size L, unisex.

(Tie dye design is a little different than picture, but colours are similar.)


1300 Balvenie scotch-scented automotive air fresheners (kits)

Got 1300 balvenie scotch scented air fresheners that I was going to use for an environmental installation art piece, but didn’t get around to it. Moving to US, so needto get rid of’em.

Would be perfect if you’re planning a roadtrip–you can use’em as souvenir gifts for other drivers that you meet on the road to make friends with them, or use’em to hide the smell of whoever’s in your trunk (haha kidding!), just don’t think they’ll cover real booze on you’re breath because the cops can just breatholizer you anyway.

Want’em? Yours if you can get’em by this Friday afternoon. Hit me with your phone number so I can call you up and see what you’re about, no number no response–can’t give these all to just any joker.

Must take all.