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Moulin Rouge murder mystery

Dear Interested,

We are hosting a live murder mystery at an undisclosed location in April. Seeking enthusiastic volunteers with a flair for the dramatic to come and participate in this week-long saga, with a climactic finale that will knock your socks off.

Drama experience a plus, but not necessary.
Period clothing a must.
Peacock feathers and top-hats get special nods.

Come and see who we bump off, then spend a week chasing the clues to find the killer hiding in plain sight. Maybe it will be one of you!

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.30.40 AM

Surprise Dance Encounter


you will be at an office function, your best friend’s cousin’s bat mizvah, the library atrium, kings gate mall, wherever you spend the most banal of your days. i will watch you from afar like a puma, circling closer in slow silence, my gaze never leaving yours. When i get close we shall dance. You can lead or I will, i want you to feel free.
if the public space you have in mind does not have music, you must hear the rhythm of the universe and we shall dance to that, in passionate abandon. and when our song is done, we step suddenly back from one another. i will perhaps cry — from the overwhelming beauty of the moment — then turn, with stoic posture, and leave you where i found you.
must be performed publicly. non-gender-specific; I will be dressed as a teenage mutant ninja turtle