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1300 Balvenie scotch-scented automotive air fresheners (kits)

Got 1300 balvenie scotch scented air fresheners that I was going to use for an environmental installation art piece, but didn’t get around to it. Moving to US, so needto get rid of’em.

Would be perfect if you’re planning a roadtrip–you can use’em as souvenir gifts for other drivers that you meet on the road to make friends with them, or use’em to hide the smell of whoever’s in your trunk (haha kidding!), just don’t think they’ll cover real booze on you’re breath because the cops can just breatholizer you anyway.

Want’em? Yours if you can get’em by this Friday afternoon. Hit me with your phone number so I can call you up and see what you’re about, no number no response–can’t give these all to just any joker.

Must take all.