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An add for a disco ball motorcycle helmet… with a twist

Tee hee.


I have a one, mint condition disco ball themed motorcycle / scooter helmet for none but the worthy. I will sell you this marvel for a measly $1 IF you engage with ME in a game of Rochambeau.

The game of Rochambeau:

It’s basically a nut-kicking contest, usually performed between two males, taking turns to see who can take the most kicks in the nuts. Whoever taps out first loses.



Screenshot 2014-03-17 18.51.04

Wool blanket with image of Tycho Brahe on it (gastown)

Old wool blanket with image of Tycho Brahe on it. Would be a good blanket to leave in your car for emergencies, and is a conversation piece. Would suit history buff.

Free if you can tell me a bit about Tycho Brahe beyond what’s on wikipedia.

Leave yr phone in response, will contact you in the order that I receive responses, so if you don’t hear back, trust that you’re in line, but someone else enquired before you, and I’m dealing with them first.