500+ Girl guide, Boy Scout & Eagle Scout badges

I’ve been collecting embroidered scouting & guide badges for 38 years, since I was a brownie. While I’m keeping the bulk of my collection, I’ll be presenting all the doubles and triples to anyone with appropriate skills/accomplishments.I have badges for:knot tying
campfire lighting
giving a helping hand
wood chopping
bike riding
knowing the traffic rules
baking bread
glass blowing
building a lean-to
sewing buttons
bird calling
flying a glider
plant identification

and countless more. if you have a skill that has previously gone unmerited, i probably have a badge for it.
must sew it on your own sash.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.30.40 AM

Surprise Dance Encounter


you will be at an office function, your best friend’s cousin’s bat mizvah, the library atrium, kings gate mall, wherever you spend the most banal of your days. i will watch you from afar like a puma, circling closer in slow silence, my gaze never leaving yours. When i get close we shall dance. You can lead or I will, i want you to feel free.
if the public space you have in mind does not have music, you must hear the rhythm of the universe and we shall dance to that, in passionate abandon. and when our song is done, we step suddenly back from one another. i will perhaps cry — from the overwhelming beauty of the moment — then turn, with stoic posture, and leave you where i found you.
must be performed publicly. non-gender-specific; I will be dressed as a teenage mutant ninja turtle


Golden glitter deodorant gel – $10 (Frasier & 16th)

Do you find yourself frequently adorned in smashing vests, or other sleeveless costumes? Self conscious about your musk?

I am selling several tubs of golden deodorant gel, for keeping you smelling and looking great while wearing sleeveless costumes. It’s gold so it looks good on men, and adds some masculine flair to your outfit which says “I care about your nostrils”, and “my body is a VIP room, and you’re invited!”. Spread a little up onto your chest and neck to complete the ‘golden adonis’ look, and you’ll be the beau of the ball the next time you go ballin’.

Has pleasant faint coconut scent, and is non-sticky and non-clumping when dry. Kinda silky feeling. Non-flammable, non-irritating formula.

This goop is custom made for burning man.

This stuff was over $40 per tub originally–selling for $10 per-tub because I’m going backpacking in Korea and can’t bring it with me, and don’t want to store it.

Leave me your number and I’ll get back atcha.


Vanagon Westfalia beer tap for radical times – $140 (gnarlytown)

Do you like your Vanagon? Do you love beer? Are you a fun-beast who loves to party on the road?

Selling my Vanagon beer tap setup–can install inside or outside your van, and I can help set it up.

Goin camping with friends? Planning a cross country road trip? Get a cold keg of beer dawgs in the back, and make your trip a lot more memorabel. Comes with leopard fun-fur keg cozy, ice bucket, tap equipment, a little keg and a heavy serving of pure effin awesom. Brewskis! On the road! YEAH!

You can also use it for cider, if you’re a bit of a wuss.

Will work with pre-1986 vans–later vans have smallr rear cabinet hole. We had it in a totally sweet ’85 weekender. What will *you* put it into, boss?

Pics are not from my setup, but a very similar one.

Include phone number in your message–replies without number will be ignored.


Taco Surf Hats

Sadly, I had to shut down my hat business. I had a huge blow out sale however, still have a bunch of stock left. There are still a hug number of hats left. I’m hoping to make a few more dollars from these before my wife makes me take them all to the thrift shop.

Taco Surf! Great taco joint down in California. Excellent tacos. Good people. GREAT HATS! If you wear one of these babies into their store, you get 10% off. No foolin. There is also a giant taco at their main location where you can get your picture taken with they guy in real life. I make it a point to go here everytime I’m down in the area. Good stuff. I’m sad to let all tehse go but, gotta be done. $5 for a single hat. $35 for the box of 25.

tie dye onesie

Attn Westfalia Owners! Sz L Unisex Tie-Dye Driving Suit – $25 (Vancouver)

I know this seems like it should be posted in Clothing & Accessories, but let’s be honest – this is an critical auto part for a Vanagon or VW bus owner (or any hippie wagon)… 100% cotton full size adult tie dye onesie with butt flap! My mom sent me this for my birthday but it doesn’t fit (whimper!) so I want to pass along this amazing glory to you. Be the talk of the campground everywhere you go this summer!

These start at around $50 retail on etsy, so a total score for $25. My loss, your gain. Size L, unisex.

(Tie dye design is a little different than picture, but colours are similar.)


Four Adult Conehead Heads/Wigs/Headpieces/Costumes – $15 (east vancouver)

I have four adult Conehead costumes for sale from Halloween a few years ago. (I know, I know but this is what happens when you are best friends with a Dan Ackroyd enthusiast.) Can’t store them anymore and need to find a good home.
I paid $30ish each for these things. Selling for $5 each or $15 for the lot. Would prefer to see them stay together and know that the whole Conehead family is intact.WE COME FROM FRANCE. Lol, trust me – you will love yelling that all night!


1300 Balvenie scotch-scented automotive air fresheners (kits)

Got 1300 balvenie scotch scented air fresheners that I was going to use for an environmental installation art piece, but didn’t get around to it. Moving to US, so needto get rid of’em.

Would be perfect if you’re planning a roadtrip–you can use’em as souvenir gifts for other drivers that you meet on the road to make friends with them, or use’em to hide the smell of whoever’s in your trunk (haha kidding!), just don’t think they’ll cover real booze on you’re breath because the cops can just breatholizer you anyway.

Want’em? Yours if you can get’em by this Friday afternoon. Hit me with your phone number so I can call you up and see what you’re about, no number no response–can’t give these all to just any joker.

Must take all.

Screenshot 2014-03-17 18.51.04

Wool blanket with image of Tycho Brahe on it (gastown)

Old wool blanket with image of Tycho Brahe on it. Would be a good blanket to leave in your car for emergencies, and is a conversation piece. Would suit history buff.

Free if you can tell me a bit about Tycho Brahe beyond what’s on wikipedia.

Leave yr phone in response, will contact you in the order that I receive responses, so if you don’t hear back, trust that you’re in line, but someone else enquired before you, and I’m dealing with them first.