online dating 5

Creep My Online Dating History

Everyone loves online dating horror stories, right?

He owns a strip club on Second Life.
She’s wondering why her shell art business hasn’t taken off.
He owns a car with push lights for headlights.
She’s a sobbing mess about how no one attended her Chihuahua’s birthday…

The possibilities are endless.

And, fortunately for you, so is the humour!

Here’s your chance to access the past five years of my online dating life. I have hundreds of messages. Some so hilarious you’ll split in two. Some so wretched you’ll lose faith in humanity altogether. I’ve blurred out all the names and faces so there are no privacy issues.

I’m trying to raise some extra cash to pay down my student debt. So far dating hasn’t helped, so I’m capitalizing on a new idea. I’m hoping to one day turn these into a book, so your feedback is welcome and encouraged.

No pressure though.

If interested, please email me and we can either meet to exchange cash for data, or we can do a transfer via online.