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How the fuck do I use this site?!

Basically, this site exists for you to enter and archive your entries in the ‘Reel Him In! Fishing for Tom’ contest.  All submissions must be logged properly in this site to be counted towards the winning tally. No exceptions, slacker.

  1. At the top, click “NEW”
  2. Click “POST”
  3. Fill out the form, making sure to include as much detail about your fishing expedition as possible. Be sure to add the text from your craigslist post in the main content area, and also include a screenshot of it using the screenshot field. Screenshots are obligatory, in order to substantiate the veracity of your terrible behaviour and resource wastage on Craigslist.
  4. Use the options in the post edit screen to log whether (or not) the expedition has produced a Full Tom-bite hit (or a Semi Tom-Bite).
  5. Use the options in the post edit screen to log whether your expedition has been flagged down by the unruly mob. Add screenshot proof using the “Additional Images” section of the post edit screen.
  6. Add any other chaos and havoc that your expedition has wrought in the form of screenshots of said chaos, or as links to said chaos.
  7. Add a representative image to your post using the ‘set featured image ‘ link in the editor sidebar before saving your post. you can omit this, but then there’ll be no photo in the main listing, and you’ll look like a pleb.
  8. TAG YOUR EXPEDITION with relevant keywords using the ‘tags’ field.
  9. When you get a bite, half-bite, or get flagged EDIT YOUR POST AND RE-SAVE IT (hit the ‘publish’ button again) to get your score or flag logged/updated by the system.
  10. That’s it. Let us know if you get totally fucked over somehow, and we’ll fix it after ridiculing you publicly.

—Your loving Vogon overlords


6 thoughts on “How the fuck do I use this site?!”

    1. on my end it says you’re still editing it. any red notifications at the top disclaiming missing/incomplete fields? Shouldn’t require any moderation…

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