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March 15, 9:00am… Dylan causes an internet shitstorm with the Human-Sized Hamster Wheel

The Human-Sized Hamster Wheel was the first Craigslist add I posted for the competition.

It was also the first peak I got at the level of collateral damage we were about to inflict on an unknowing public with this competition. All of a sudden posts started popping up on Burning Van and Reddit. I was getting hundreds of emails a day begging to take it off my hands. Sometimes I would see multiple emails from the same person… every hour… getting progressively more despondent and angry at my lack of response. It was heart breaking. I tried responding to a couple to explain that it was a good natured hoax, but the deluge kept coming.




Music to enrage the savage beast

After the hamster wheel debacle, I thought I would go easy on the public by publishing something only Tom might find interesting. I posted a charming little add for a collection of yodel albums, along with offering information on the local yodeling scene.

Here is what I posted:


I have a rare collection of both Swiss and country style yodeling music, along with some instructional albums. I’ve been competing for the past 10 years in Sangerfest (North American swiss yodeling competition), and it has been wonderfully rewarding, but it is time to pass the torch.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have about yodeling competition, or the yodeling community here in Vancouver in general.”


Alas, the heart break was no less painful. See the post below from a lonely soul that just wanted to reach out to a fellow yodel aficionado.



Moulin Rouge murder mystery

Dear Interested,

We are hosting a live murder mystery at an undisclosed location in April. Seeking enthusiastic volunteers with a flair for the dramatic to come and participate in this week-long saga, with a climactic finale that will knock your socks off.

Drama experience a plus, but not necessary.
Period clothing a must.
Peacock feathers and top-hats get special nods.

Come and see who we bump off, then spend a week chasing the clues to find the killer hiding in plain sight. Maybe it will be one of you!


An add for a disco ball motorcycle helmet… with a twist

Tee hee.


I have a one, mint condition disco ball themed motorcycle / scooter helmet for none but the worthy. I will sell you this marvel for a measly $1 IF you engage with ME in a game of Rochambeau.

The game of Rochambeau:

It’s basically a nut-kicking contest, usually performed between two males, taking turns to see who can take the most kicks in the nuts. Whoever taps out first loses.