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We all have our special talents. One of Tom’s [last name redacted for stealth] is his incredible ability to find esoteric, unique and/or useful stuff and then find a home for it (10,000 fabric roses anyone?!) If there was ever a Craigslist Champion of the World, it’s gotta be Tom. Well, his birthday is approaching (April 23) and to celebrate, I propose a friendly game of Fishing for Tom.

Just what the heck is Fishing for Tom? Exactly what it sounds like!

- Fish for Tom by posting ads on Craigslist to see if you can get him to bite, and pull him out of the Internet.

- He must find your CL post and respond to it on his own. Do not send him a link for your posting and say “hey, check this out!” (That’d be way lame.)

- Post can be a for sale or free ad, in any city.

- We’re looking for email or text responses – either is a successful “bite” and gets you one point. Once you get one, delete your post – please don’t set up fake meetings with him. We’re playing this for fun, not torture.

- The only item that is inadmissible is a rainbow parachute (or any colour). Just too easy!

** EDIT** No Westfalia parts/gear in the free section. It’s too obvious and a high volume of them would be weirdly suspicious.

** EDIT** If Tom forwards your post to someone, including yourself, (but without direct contact/response to your post) you score a half-point.

Contest will run from Saturday March 15 – Tuesday April 22. Enter anytime and post as often as you want. Winner announced on Wednesday April 23 (Tom’s birthday).

Game is PAY TO PLAY – $10 per player. Interac transfer your entry fee via email to ariellaDOTeiniATgmailDOTcom. (I’ll also accept cash from local contestants but you gotta come to me, I ain’t chasing you.)

All entry fees will be pooled for a winning cash prize; the grand “Wynner” splits the pot 50/50 with Tom as a birthday gift. Top prize goes to highest number of successful Tom bites. Honourable mention will go to the most hilarious/innovative post that gets a nibble from Mr. Wynn.

The more players we get, the bigger the money pot and the more hilarious this’ll be. Spread far and wide amongst his friends but PLEASE DO NOT TELL TOM about it! It’s only fun if he has no idea.

And obviously, let’s maximize the silliness. Post screen shots of your ad and his response as they trickle in!

** UPDATE** – There have been an overwhelming volume of posts! Help us track them (and land a book deal or at least, everlasting internet fame), upload your posts to You’ll need to request a login, as the site will not be public until the end of the contest. Submission to is required in order for your bites to be counted!


Final Word: If you’re wondering why in the sweet fuck it’s all in Comic Sans, talk to Tony & Daniel. It’s their fault.