March 15, 9:00am… Dylan causes an internet shitstorm with the Human-Sized Hamster Wheel

The Human-Sized Hamster Wheel was the first Craigslist add I posted for the competition.

It was also the first peak I got at the level of collateral damage we were about to inflict on an unknowing public with this competition. All of a sudden posts started popping up on Burning Van and Reddit. I was getting hundreds of emails a day begging to take it off my hands. Sometimes I would see multiple emails from the same person… every hour… getting progressively more despondent and angry at my lack of response. It was heart breaking. I tried responding to a couple to explain that it was a good natured hoax, but the deluge kept coming.



Has Been Hit By Tom?:
Boo hoo hoo... not even a tug on the line...

Has Been Flagged?:
Nope... not yet...

Craigslist Link: https://post.craigslist.org/manage/4376114669

Craigslist Screenshot:

Additional Images

152 thoughts on “March 15, 9:00am… Dylan causes an internet shitstorm with the Human-Sized Hamster Wheel”

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